Will Harrison Ford make it alive to the Episode VII premiere?


First a broken leg, and now a serious head wound from crash landing his vintage plane that ended up looking like a “bucket of bolts” sprawled out on a California golf course.  The latest reports suggest that he got a bit banged up but is very lucky to be alive.  I would hate to see him miss the new Star Wars movie in December without Mark and Carrie.  HEY HAN, YOUR FLYING DAYS ARE OVER!   YOU AND THE WOOKIE NEED AN AMBULETTE SERVICE TO GET AROUND THE GALAXY.  LET THE YOUNGINS MAN THE CONTROLS, AND STOP FUCKIN’ WITH THE HYPERDRIVE.  THE SHIT IS STILL BROKE FROM THE DAYS OF EMPIRE.

3 thoughts on “Will Harrison Ford make it alive to the Episode VII premiere?

  1. S’up Rio. Big fan from The Candy Store days. Miss that show so much. Gotta question…do you know the name of that song that was on the offical TCATS website years back when you hit the front page?. The beginning of the song was played in a loop. I’ve been obsessed in finding that song! Thanks! Been following your mixes on Mixcloud.

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