Are you a DJ or a performer?

Screen shot 2015-02-25 at 10.35.58 PM

Kevin Yost, the godfather of I Records, has been sprouting his deep mid-tempo jazzy style house, borderline lounge, style of dance music for nearly 2 decades.  When I used to get his vinyl as promos, I would always be throwing down many of his releases in those dimly lit rooms… -ok, we didn’t really have that many light systems or those Euro trash intellibeams. Anyway, I caught this video on YouTube that chronicles one of his boat rides.  Although the music may not be that groundbreaking, and those annoying flies with the drinks, near the booth, mindlessly bopping may be a bit annoying to watch as the camera pans, the main focus should be the fact that he is actually playing the music live through a set of midi controllers.  And next to the midi controllers are a standard set of CDJs.  This video is another testament as to the glory of the DJ as an artist, a performer, and not just someone planted in front of 2 decks to stare back at the crowd with his arm up in a Godlike stance.  He can play the keys, throwdown samples, and mix a set of his own music.

I see a Korg 49 keyboard controller, a Akai APC-40, an NI Micro Kontrol, and a Macbook Pro


Great job Mr. Yost

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