The Venezuela Tattoo Convention 2015

Every year, well inked, multi-pierced, and exploiters of the flesh somehow manage to get past the rigors of airport security for the annual Venezuela Tattoo Convention.  By the looks of  the attendees, I don’t think you’ll have a hard time casting your next horror movie epic,  and you won’t be needing a makeup department.  It must be pretty weird waiting at the bus stop when you look like you have demonic wings tucked under your coat or get a job interview with stretched earlobes hanging your shoulders.  And, there’s nothing like taking a whack at tongue kissing a broad with filed-down reptilian teeth.  Oh well, I am a bit turned off to say the least.  That porno convention is looking mighty fine right about now…

Mvd6661830MEXICO TattooMvd6661823Mvd6661803

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