Introducing the Hercules DJControl Jogvision


It is pint sized, larger than what Hercules DJ usually churns out, but you get a pretty nifty little monster of a 2-channel controller with some hefty jog wheels, measuring at just under 6 inches each.  My favorite spin on them is the homage to the Technics 1200’s platter pattern with those funky little metallic dots used for pitch control identification.  The jog wheels actually rotate at two speeds (331/3 & 45) to truly emulate vinyl, and they feature Pioneer-esque LED displays on the wheels, which Hercules pimps as a alternative to staring at your laptop.  Overall, the controls seem pretty cramped, very limited connections, and it is NOT a stand alone mixer, but it does feature the Hercules patented Air Control function.  Still, it is no match for the more advanced controllers on the market that are taking over the science of DJing, but if it clocks in at a modest price point, it should see some action with sales.  The Hercules DJControl Jogvision midi contoller $TBA) will hit stores soon.



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