“The Interview” movie gets pulled off theaters

1411583022675_wps_1_OMOTE00053_jpgWhatever happened to the freedom of artistic impression?  Are we living in a repressed society where a sphere of influence can have enough pull to deem a fictional comedy too offensive?  We have allowed so much smut, gore, violence, and other reprehensible forms of art to grace the silver screen, but it appears that we are living in a world where terror threats and all sorts of unethical behavior can infiltrate, movie theaters, shopping malls, supermarkets, and other venues of mass gatherings.  This defies the aesthetic of artistic integrity.  It insults the very core of taking a joke, whether racist, offensive, or dirty.  I could not believe the news when I heard that we couldn’t get a taste of some pretentious graphic humor aimed at a vile zealous dictator who’s notorious for having his finger on the button.  What’s next?  The banning of Looney Toons?  We have just been threatened and bullied by a bunch of technological cyber terrorists.  Just goes to show how the enemy doesn’t have a face.

A very sad day for the film industry, but you still gotta admit the enormous wave of publicity this film is generating.  I hope your happy now you hackers, because more and more people are gonna want to see the film that created such a ban even more.  You are killing a lot of jobs and plenty of dreams.

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