Music is elemental. Just watch and see for yourself.


Sound waves make distinct patterns.  Essentially, Nigel here is playing techno, and there are a ton of people out there that just can’t understand or relate to underground dance music, but as you can see, there is some amazing sensual communication going on here.  The beats and tones speak to our senses.  Hmmmm…… a higher level of consciousness or what ???


3 thoughts on “Music is elemental. Just watch and see for yourself.

  1. Music is the one passion I have that many people around me don’t realize I have. If they knew how much music meant to me (especially at my age and social status) I wonder how they would treat me? Probably like I was an immature, selfish pleasure seeker. But I’m not. I’m a regular person and it is my heartbeat. Some days it’s the only thing that gets my ass up to face the day. You are so fuckn brave, Meastro, to make it front and center and ngaf. You find room in ur life for it and feed and nurture this passion. You help people like me emote and bring them to a primal state no one else can understand. I know it’s part of your DNA and I hope you have some clue that what you are doing is something spectacular. I hope you don’t ever lose that flame, but something tells me your heart follows the same musical beat and can’t stop until it stops for good. Thank you.

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