The Walk Trailer

Screen shot 2014-12-10 at 1.03.27 AM

I guess making movies with memories of the Twin Towers at the backdrop seems pretty acceptable these days, and in case you happened to have caught that amazing documentary Man On Wire, which chronicles the disturbing set of circumstances that led to one of the most memorable outlaw high-wire walks between the Twin Towers by Frenchman Phillippe Petit.  The incident froze the streets of New York for hours, created a media shit storm, and left hundreds of gawkers with neck aches for days.  Well, now it has been made into a movie with Joseph Gordon’Levitt front and center and some incredible cgi scenes of the Twin Towers .  You should still see the original doc when you have a chance, but I am just wondering if New York is ready for a film that takes place inside the World Trade Center…  Is it still too soon?

And here’s the Man on Wire Trailer

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