New New York by Julio Flecha


This is another New York, a New New York.  Gadgets, gadgets, and more gadgets are thrust upon the interwoven masses of metro nine to fivers, street vendors, and those annoying bikers by those hoards of sheepish tourists as they move about freely, necks twisted up in the air, destined to capture the ultimate selfie or metro glamour shot.  Flashing don’t-walk signs herd the congregate at large at every gridlocked intersection, in the midst of their hour long recreational foray to embark on the daily lunch specials of choice.  Within all that frantic choreography, photographer  Julio Flecha stealthily captures the essence of how these two species coexist within the deep dark reaches of the concrete and metal that is our one and only New York City, and don’t you forget that!  Enjoy the show.


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