Machinedrum – Vapor City Archives

a4209606346_10 copy

Travis Stewart aka Machinedrum has had his work oozed into my iTunes for years.  His latest episode Vapor City Archives ($10) continues in his usual misgiving way by planting his sound to the borders of maniacal drum and base and calming electro-house.  When you hear a smooth and relaxing keyboard riff, it is usually followed heavily by a whirlwind of kicks, clicks, and snares that somehow register to my eardrums as deep, but you can always take that notion with a grain of salt once the bass kicks in.  You will find yourself duck taped to the tip of a rocket ship on the track “Boxoff”, which ironically sounds like blast off.  The track will raise havoc upon your senses as you will be reminded of some early Manchester raving sounds like Altern 8.  I certainly had my share of raves up along the East coast in the nineties.  My favorite track of the album is a pretty mellow but driving little number called “Safed.”  It has all the right touches of deep with a pretty slammin’ array of heavy beats.  The album is excellent and certainly comes full circle, defining his sound for the ages.  Nice!

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