Pioneer finally says goodbye to the CD [I knew this day would come…]


Things are getting a little less moving these days, more like less moving parts.  Pioneer’s XDJ-1000 ($999) offers a larger color screen, a digital on-screen qwerty keyboard for searches, some more digitally enhanced features, and a usb port in the back.  The most interesting feature of this model is the absence on the four inch slit in the front to accommodate a CD.  With all the fervor amongst throngs of CDJ enthusiasts, bragging about how much more authentic a digitally encoded plastic disk adds to the realness of a DJ experience for the crowd, should be hitting their heads dead center on the pavements.  You, my friends are all assed out, so embrace the future that you have managed to avoid all these years in the wake of Traktor and Serato.

A very nice little controller, but very pricey at $2000 for two of them.  It is a new day for the CDJ, but I still cannot understand the lack of a price drop.  $599 seems a little more appropriate for less parts.  I would opt for the DDJ-SSX for the same price.

Screen shot 2014-11-16 at 8.57.37 PM


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