Let them play assholes! It’s their field, their neighborhood.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 5.30.45 PMA Rude Form of Gentrification of Sorts:

Kids want to play their usual nightly game of soccer on their regular field.  Adult [gentrified] males, show up, book the field for an hour, and wave a permit in their faces.  Smells like shit, or is it just me?

Yeah, so these kids/teens seem like a bunch of Rugrats, but they have not instinctively resorted to violence when their usual local soccer stomping ground has been allotted out to a pack of gentrified Starbuck’s sipping suburbanites quipped with a one hour permit to hijack their regular nightly game.  If you pulled this type of shit in my old neighborhood, you would need a bulletproof vest and a football helmet if you wanted to run a scrimmage.

This is a brimming example of what happens when “dem people” start to move into your neighborhoods.  It all starts with the fancy java cafés, the organic bakeries, the nickel and dime mom & pops, the plethora of fancy take-out menus, and then there’s the usual deployment of cops walking the beat, and before you know it, the crime rate starts to drop [a good thing] and the rent prices climb way the fuck up, forcing local staple businesses to move out.  So that bodega $4.99 fully loaded hamon con queso is a thing of the past.

I give these kids so much credit for not getting gangsta on these punks.  All they wanted was to make it clear to them that their field is NOT -and never was for rent.  So you can take that permit and shove it up your ass, or better yet, hire a lawyer and sue us for doing what kids should be doing other than be hunkered down in front of an X-Box, selling those dime bags on the corner, or thinking of robbing or stabbing the people that threaten their sanctity.  Local officials build better parks, but it seems like a poor excuse for exploiting the activities of the youth for profit.  At the end of it all, this type of bullshit is happening in cities across America.  Let them play assholes:  You already had your chance at growing up and playing in the park.  It’s their right for living locally.  If you have money to rent a field, pay them and not some local council.  There is a lot to learn on how these kids handled the situation without resorting to a bloody conflict.  Just watch the video.  To visit the cool site that posted the story and for more on the pitfalls of gentrification, GO HERE

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