Just in time for Halloween: Walmart decides to enter the banking business


Low prices and smiley faces at end caps have paved the road to a multi-billion dollar retail empire for a little company called Walmart, and if that ain’t enough, they can now offer you a totalitarian one stop shopping experience with their own banking practice.  I seriously have nothing against banks competing with one another, but it seems a bit eerie that my own bank sells the same gallon of milk and toothpaste that eagerly awaits the cashier’s scanner on the rubber treadmill.  But have no fear Chase and Citi, Walmart is targeting a lower income client base and is aiming at alternative banking bases like loan centers and check cashing services.  Still, it’s a dog eat dog world when there’s money involved, and I am sure they will work their way into what made them famous: cheap products, price gouging market-manipulative tactics, and the exploitation of the minimum wage worker.  You know… that little documentary that revealed how they secretly drafted hidden life insurance policies for their workers for their own little private paydays without the knowledge or consent of the deceased’s immediate family.  Oh yeah…I’m sure you’ll be in good hands… BOO!

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