“I did it my way”


There was magic in the air last night in the Bronx.  The Yankees closer blew a 3 run lead with 2 outs left in the ninth.  Jeter could not contain himself at second base in a secluded state of panic, waiting for the final out that would span a 20+ year career with the Yanks.  “Please don’t hit it to me” he said to himself to an endless chorus of “THANK YOU JETER” from the wave of fans in sold-out blue.  And as the tying run sailed across the left field wall, and the Baltimore bird rounded the bases, it was nothing more than an early dose of that October drama in the Bronx, and it felt like the 7th game of the World Series.  With not one rain drop in sight, and no sign of a dark cloud in the sky, the Yankees managed to wrap up the top of the ninth, and I did not see ONE pissed off fan as the batting lineup flashed the name Jeter in the third upcoming batting slot.  And before you know it, everyone was on their feet once more. One more time for the captain, and then came this…



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