Death of a comic book store

Screen shot 2014-09-25 at 11.31.39 PM

Another unfortunate familiar site these days, as a pillar of a typical New York City neighborhood suffers the repercussions of an electronic universe gone mad.  All those artistic endeavors that center around a modest retail space and a cash register: record stores, book stores, diners, toy stores, poster-art shops are all slowly vanishing from major cities in the wake of more restaurants, banks, and delicatessens.  Here we have a pretty subtle short that centers around the last days of a comic book shop called Comic Book Heaven.  It is no different than any other type of store where people got together, spent money, basked under the influence of new artistic material, and most of all, interacted with one another while sharing views on the subject matter at large.  As a DJ, I miss those moments.  You never knew who would walk through that door…


Comic Book Heaven from E.J. McLeavey-Fisher on Vimeo.


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