Cruel microwave hoax targets iPhone 6 users


Just how advanced is that new iPhone 6?  Enough to fool a few proud owners into a cruel hoax posted by a band of web fellows through a blogging site called 4Chan.  Their site contained a fake posting claiming that a new set of iOS 8 drivers, found on the new operating system, in the new iPhone 6 pimps out a new feature called “Wave”,  which allows for the microwavable charging of your battery from a household microwave oven.  I’m sorry- I could not  stop laughing hysterically!


Simple: place your iPhone in the “microwave for a minute and a half” and voila, your iPhone will be recharged.

To think that there were a handful of souls that couldn’t help but wait for bragging rights, all but to suffer a vicious fail after 2 minutes in a smoke filled kitchen.  I wonder if that Apple Care will cover this?  But, in the meantime, I think the rest of us will stick to microwaving popcorn.  Not a new iOS 8 feature…

Screen shot 2014-09-20 at 6.14.21 PM

One thought on “Cruel microwave hoax targets iPhone 6 users

  1. That is just simply evil.
    I’ve learned the hard way that iPhones (or any electronic device for that matter) should be kept far away from implements that are used for human necessity…like microwaves, washing machines….and toilets.

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