More idiocracy at large: Olive Garden’s Unlimited Pasta Pass for $100

Screen shot 2014-09-08 at 4.44.07 PMThe express lane for Diabetes just got opened!  Olive Garden, the Burger King of Italian cuisine just announced a special 7 week- all you can eat- unlimited pasta pass for $100.  And, if you think think you’re getting duped on a meal, the pass is also valid towards unlimited bread sticks and Coca-Cola.  Ah yes, bread sticks, Coke, and unlimited pasta.  The pass will go great right next to my gym membership card in my wallet.  Can you say carb?  There’s nothing like watching your body fight out a punishing ordeal of pasta for 7 weeks after healthy sweats.  And the funny part is that the passes are  currently sold out because they were limited to 1000 sorry ass fucks.  Amazing…

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