Nike drops their RE2PECT for Derek Jeter (and yes, that is A-Rod at the table)


In the wake of a fabulous FIFA World Cup gone by and 25 million American viewers later, we shift out attention back to the most casual, over-indulged, and over-watched sport, right next to golf, take center stage for this red hot summer.  Where all the focus shifts around the Michael Jordan of baseball, and NOT Michael Jordan the baseball player.  It’s of course, number two, Derek Jeter, and in this magnificent advert, he gets his tips and licks from the royal Air brand and a pretty creative cast of players.

With the enormous salaries of players and unbridled greed at the box office, I can only take in a few baseball games a year before watching a plethora of other exciting entertainment found on many distant channels.  I’m so sorry MLB, but dropping a couple of hundred bucks on entry alone just to sit near the fist base line towards the outfield won’t have any tickets with my name on it.  Maybe the sport is wielding a slow death to soccer and basketball, but witnessing a NYC icon take his last turn around the bend is nothing more than classic, and Nike knows that.


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