Numark NV breaks the cipher by adding active dual color screens to a midi DJ controller!

numark-nv-angle-3It’s been a minute since I posted a DJ midi controller, and just to make things clear, there really hasn’t been much action or development in the controller market up until I laid my eyes on this piece.  As DJs in the midi controller market, we are waiting, of course, for the technological inevitable: color screens built-in to the controller deck to strive for a complete laptop-free stand alone midi controller experience.  Calm down, WE ARE STILL, NOT THERE YET…  But the next step just washed up ashore, the Numark NV Midi DJ Controller ($699).

It has everything a standard 4-channel controller would offer, except for these lovely dual 4.3 inch color displays that will not exactly replace your laptop, but will draw more attention and time on the controller.  Again, Traktor has been left out of the picture, as the unit clearly is branded with a big fat Serato logo, but I am sure Native Instruments’ next controller will most likely replicate what their Maschine Studio did for drum machines.   Everything else as far as features looks just about appropriate for my controllerist standards.  Nice work Numark !




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