Qleek: a modular tiled system to pimp your digital media


I came across this interesting contraption that seeks some funding.  The world of digital media seeks a new face for sharing and playing files.  In this case in the form of a player that accepts these weird wooden tiles with customizable images called Tapps.  A Tapp is your digital playlist or selections of media choices ranging from music, photos, videos, or any other type of digital media containment that can be booted off your Dropbox.  The Tapp tiles can be placed on a glowing mantle that is called the Qleek ($tba). So the Tapps are like little media cartridges that contain little tidbits of selections you’ve made, and they can be stacked or stuck to your wall likes a minimalist wood mosaic.


I don’t know if this will take off.  It seems like a long shot,  but it may give DJs a much needed boost in the mixed tapes market, and it may actually harness some physical worth to digital media, so you can finally brag about owning the real thing!

The whole operation much resembles those Skylanders video game action figures, which can be placed into battle by way of character choice by the player.  It’s really nice to see a new way owning and collecting digital media.  It will also give users the option of creating their own digital masterpieces by combining all the elements together.  Be it a new form of making a mixed tape !




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