Jimi, the little usb-port helper


It will not work for every computer out there, but it’s a start for BlueLounge,  the designers behind this miracle little helper.  Jimi ($15) is a firm little bugger of a USB extension that plugs into one of the four USB ports on the back of your iMac Slim.  It’s rugged design will allow users to get an extra USB port in the front of the computer without any warping or dislodging going on in the back.  Yes, it will come in handy, and I would probably opt for two of them.  Why not, it’s a free country!  Those damn monitors were not really designed to be pivoted to death.

I hope BlueLounge will make more models for different computers.  They do get my design award of the month even though I really don’t have a design award of the month.


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