Bushnell Solar Wrap

PP1010Bushnell, makers of fine binoculars, have drifted off into the solar plexus with a portable solar USB  charging device called the Solar Wrap ($60).  When rolled up, it basically looks like a bicycle handle grip and can either be charged from an AC power outlet or preferably a renewably-energy friendly solar panel that will charge a smartphone to 100% on a full sun-powered load.  Inside is a rechargeable lithium battery that does the trick.  I can see this contraption making complete sense for boaters, hikers, bikers, and those lazy ass beach bums.  Find a nice spot and just roll the sucker out, and in a few hours you’ll get some precious power.


My only gripe for hikers is that if you’re too far from an outlet, you probably got no cellphone signal to begin with…


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