Revenge of The Nerds comes to Blu-Ray


Very few movies can withstand the trauma of college humor in a span of 30 years.  You have the decade of American Pie, the hunger hijinks and misadventures of Harold and Kumar, and The Godfather of college fraternity epics, Animal House, but between this strata of college ogrish humor lies the underdog of frat film classics, Revenge of The Nerds.

Although it was made some 30 years ago, it still possesses a delicate balance of timeless laughs that manage to function well in an age where the rulers of prime time television are [The] Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones.  Just look around you.  The nerds have taken over wisely after the long winding rolls of the twenty sided die, but in today’s standards where computers, robotics, and video games are the gift of cool, we lay witness to a time when these talents were the makings that branded clever young minds into social outcasts, but hey, don’t let that dash of ignorance fool you.  Our unsung heroes of nerdom dabble feverishly in the binges of weed,  women, narcotics, alcoholism, and a well deserved passion to usurp the throne of popularity in the world of college campuses by deftly overthrowing the relentless brash dictatorship of the jocks [spoiler ALERT : with a little help of some 250-pound-plus Afro-American Tri-Lambda jocks].  And although we are prone to swallow the meager eye candy of 8-bit computer graphics and an absence of CGI, the film still lays way ahead of its time in the annals of techno humor geekdom.   And as an added bonus, (somehow, someway)  the whole eighties sub-culture has been well received in today’s Minecraft era, so the look and attitude of the film stand fully resurrected through the test of time.

Four Nerd movies were made, but just like the Porky’s franchise of films, you need not worry about the rest but the one -the first one.  Revenge of The Nerds ($15) will finally get its taste of hi-def glory on May 6th via Blu-Ray.  Expect some extras.

revengeofthenerdsDisclaimer: None of these nerds were harmed in the making.  Well, maybe a couple…

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