20 year old Reebok Insta Pump design makeover by END

04-03-2014_reebokxend_instapumpfury_d9I am more of an Adidas head, and I tend to get down on a few Nikes, but these wine colored Reebok Insta Pumps with gold foiled accents and a “wine-stained” cork insole designed by END look pretty amazin’, but, unfortunately, they are only available across the pond in the UK. 04-03-2014_reebokxend_instapumpfuryThe Insta Pump was introduced an amazing 20 years ago in some hideous tacky gym short colors, and when seen in public, it felt like Back To The Future gone bad when worn, but it did manage to strike some popularity with the techno geeks.  I oughta know, during my rave days as a DJ…  Looking back, they were way ahead of their time, and if executed properly in this day and age, they work really well with a smart phone,  laptop, and a nice button-down ensemble.


The Reebok ‘Fury OG’ Claret by END ($230) will be available in a few days at the END site.  Yes Reebok, you finally got my ounce of respect!

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