A new and inventive torch has been passed in the social media arena, in the frequency of Facebook and Twitter, which takes a more solemn and stable approach for the exchange of blessings, best-wishes or prayers between friends, followers, and contacts.

Prayerfish basically allows you to create your own prayer wall: a blank slate where messages of faith, love, and respect can be posted in the form of prayer tiles or Prayercards for any misfortunate event, loss, or crisis, but, hey…  it just doesn’t stop there.  It can also be used for optimistic rallies of luck, fanfare, and compliments too.   The Prayercards can be viewed on a pretty sleek designed web canvas devoid of your usual frivolous Tweets, mindless selfies, neighborhood friendly SPAMs, trite party fliers/cheesey promotions, and, of course, sports, news, conspiracy theories,  and political babbles that make up a typical frenzied day of social media traffic.

The Prayerfish concept cleverly taps in to that much deserved electronic moment of silence for those moments when we sometimes just need to tap out of this mad, mad digitized world, and stop, and pay some respect when respect is due.

I think I’ll light a candle or two in the process…

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