About a dozen or so posts ago, I posted this interesting You Tube video regarding the flailing artistic Hollywood movie-poster-machine, where the endeavor of creating a symbolic movie poster  has essentially digressed into a profit driven formulated media circus phenomena, as opposed to the truly unique blank canvas that begs itself for a shot at artistic merit.  From a minimalistic style to a detailed embodiment of artwork,  a brazen moviegoer truly deserves a work of art that symbolizes all the guts and glory that went into the film, captured by a true artist and not some shabby marketing department.

So I came across this wonderful site:  , and although there was a bit of sifting through a few pages here and there,  I found some pretty amazing stabs at rekindling the aesthetic artform of the movie poster genre.  Basically, it’s a consortium for anyone who claims to be an artist with an open submission for creating a movie poster.  Of course, not all of it gets displayed, but I think you’ll enjoy printing up some invitations to your very own cult movie night!  Hollywood, I hope you’re paying attention!!!





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