Napoleon Dynamite 10th Anniversary Edition


The ultimate dead pan comedic slice of Americana genius is still alive and throbbing well in a special 10th  Anniversary Napoleon Dynamite Blu-Ray release ($20), which sadly does not have any notable extras, other than a bonus pan & scan dvd disc, but it is still a hefty celebration in nerdom well worth noting, dressed in a humble Liger coated cover jacket with a sassy yearbook portrait of our tater-tot-eating humble hero himself.  If you already own the previous blu-ray edition, then this one’s not for you, but this insanely clever little film deserves that little slot in your library if you don’t already have a copy. And don’t forget to VOTE FOR PEDRO.

May Chip and Lawfawnduh continue their journey towards immaculate interracial harmony with plenty of love, peace, and soooul !



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