Did someone say OUTLAW PARTY? New 2500 watt Samsung MX-HS8500 system

Screen_Shot_2014-01-01_at_9.29.23_PMIt is colossal yet portable, thanks to some much needed wheels.  The Samsung MX-HS8500 ($TBA) promises to deliver a whopping 2500 watts of power via a 3-way speaker system with 15-inch woofers loaded at the forefront that will will give those cheesy mobile DJs a run for the money, and you do get a bonus light show, but don’t count on a formidable night out at clubland.  It will most have Bluetooth compatibility that can allow it to tap into any system.  There will also be a 3,400 watt model (MX-HS9000) if you don’t think this one won’t shake your dad’s pants off.

If this only had a giant rechargeable battery, shit would hit the fan for outlaw parties!

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