Meet the Supersignal

SS_HEROWhat appears to be a old fifties style heater is actually a pretty superb DAB and DAB+ radio and personal Bluetooth player called the REVO Supersignal ($289).  DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting, and it is generally used in Europe and a few other countries, but the United States has unfortunately not embraced the system.  Instead they want to squeeze our pockets dry with the much overrated Sirius/XM crap that delivers a few hundred channels on nonsense for a monthly fee.  Thank god it is being overdriven by podcasts!

SS_BLUETOOTHBut on the plus side, you can still hear all your audio from your computer or phone via Bluetooth through this amazing unit, which can fill most average sized rooms, and it’s built like a tank with a pretty snazzy OLED display.

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