Fox is to news as McDonald’s is to food

Budget Battle Outburst

Thanks to a fellow Facebooker’s post, I was turned on to this amazing video that breaks down the stenographer incident that disrupted the House of Representatives during a routine voting session.  Well at no surprise, it turns out that what was broadcasted to the world was actually an overdubbed fake, so after taking this into account,  upon closer examination of the video, it appears that an even stranger event is happening on the House floor.

Could it be mind control?  A planned incident?  Watch the video.  It is no joke.

Think about it.  Would you risk a good job as a House of Representatives stenographer over an issue you protest?  Especially in this dreaded job market at the whim of a nod of some man in a suit?

Something smells fishy… Oh, and you can thank Fox News for some on-the-spot reporting.

fox news PM

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