Sony gamechanges the cameraphone ! ! !

Sony-Cyber-shot-QX100-Premium-“Lens-style-Camera”-4-1024x768The device on this mobile phone is NOT just a fancy lens for your smart phone.  Get that straight before we move on…  The device that is appropriately shaped like a lens is actually the entire camera that uses your phone’s body as a support piece to take amazing photos.  Your phone kind of acts like a handheld tripod.  Amazing!  The device made by Sony comes in two models: the QX10 ($250) and the QX100 ($500), which for double the price, features the amazing Carl Zeiss lens optics.  I would definitely spend the extra $250 and opt for the amazing photos the QX100 will pump out.

And, you might wanna ask, WHY THE SMART PHONE CONNECTION?  Well… the lens-camera has an advanced and optimized wi-fi connection to load the photos right on to your phone of choice.  From what I understand, it is a bit more advanced on the Android side, but I’m sure iPhone users will get all the fine tunings and upgrades.  And as far as battery goes, no need to worry, it has it’s very own built-in  rechargeable battery that will not suck the life out of your phone.

Remember, you will not be using the camera built in your phone; this is NOT an add on device to boost your camera phone’s performance.  You are literally buying an amazing camera that mounts directly to your phone.


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