How many “YAHs” [yeahs] in Fargo?


If you haven’t heard of the cult classic film FARGO by the Coen Brothers, then you need to.  It is essentially a twisted comedy/thriller that takes a good ‘ol slice of some midwest North Dakotan Americana, set around an awkward turn of events that spiral into a reckless diabolical tragedy that will somehow keep you laughing awkwardly in your chair for days.  What makes the film so appreciative is that it clearly never sets itself out to be a comedy.  An inside joke, perhaps, but you will never forget its impact as a cinematic gem of a classic.

In any case, the most memorable line of dialect uttered in this weird thriller is their “Yah” or “Yeah”, which is scripted in the film a mere 200 times.  Hear it for yourself…



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