Another gamechanger in the headphone market

ls_magnet_02I don’t like the name, and cannot tell you how good they sound, but I’m here to tell ya ’bout the headphone cable design from the brand,… are you ready… Skunk Juice.  Their patented headphone cable design features a magnetic snap-on mechanism on either side of the cans.

Why a connection on either side you ask?

Well, if you and you pal happen to have a pair, he or she can magnetically snap in their headphone cable to the available side on yours, allowing for some joint listening experience for DJ Rio mixes [my plug-thank you!]…  It will also come in handy when fighting off a few viscous tugs (not thugs) , that are notorious for causing those dreaded wiring shorts.  They will also come in handy for studio production sessions when you need a second opinion on a track with a real time reaction.


Featured top are the Skunk Juice Over-the-Ear White ($60).  Again, I must stress that I am really hung up on the cable design rather than the quality of the drivers, but I hope reputable headphone companies will opt for this amazing cable design, especially for the DJ market.  You can give them a quality test and let me know what you think.


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