Icedot Crash Sensor

crashsensor01_medium-194ea04968e1117f515e71d7ac9e17d4 Face it.  Jackass is a pretty popular show that is on the wings of being the most epic brand for stupid human tricks.  Either way, whether alone or with a snazzy set of mongoloid pals, there will be a crash or two from a ridiculous stunt that can render you and/or your pals unconscious, or God forbid, unresponsive.  So enters the need for a sensor that can jump start an alert upon dangerous impact.  The Icedot Crash Sensor ($149) will automatically initiate a life saving countdown by linking up with its app via Bluetooth on your mobile device and alert your emergency contacts with your exact GPS location in case you are too banged up to disable it from doing so.  It attaches to your head gear or other body parts, and is designed to save first responders a lot of precious time.  I guess there is a third eye after all!

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