What is Fuelly ?


Fuelly.com is an incredible website that has thousands of registered car users that post their car’s ACTUAL MPG (miles per gallon) consumption for their vehicle’s make and model.

If you are looking to buy a car or rent one for a long haul, you can go to Fuelly and pick the make and model of your car of choice and get a high, low, and average MPG report with the city and highway mileage combined.  It really is a helping hand when you shop for a car because most of the time the manufacturer’s  MPG rating always has a tendency to be slightly off, and they always separate the city MPG from the highway MPG, so you really cannot get an actual real time estimate.  The added feature of the site is the fuel-up log that users post, so you can get a firm spending budget on gas.  THIS IS NOT A FACTORY TEST FOLKS.  IT IS THE REALITY OF $$$$ YOU WILL SPEND AT THE PUMP !

You can get the make and model link HERE

4 thoughts on “What is Fuelly ?

  1. Thanks for this! Really helps me out since I have to trade-in the lease soon. Word of advice, cross-overs cost a lot of money to drive. That gas’l kill ya…

    • Funny- we’re in the same boat. I am looking at the V4 models of the Chevy Equinox or the GMC Terrain. Both get around 24 city and 30 hwy. But if you live in highly sloped areas, they will struggle uphill

  2. Those are some good numbers. My CX-9 gets like 18 mpg, but I just love that damn car…so nice looking. The GMC has nice lines, kinda Escalades-que. I’d love to try a hybrid (especially after seeing “Revenge of the Electric Car”, but like most Americans, I just dig a bigger ride…

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