Ikea hack studio furniture

Finished Lack Rack-704087

Studio furniture in this day and age is just plain expen$ive, so I just found this amazing post of a pretty nifty looking studio rack shelf made out of the purchase of 2 inexpensive “Lack” tables.  It stems from this amazing site called IKEAHACKERS.NET, so if the catalog cannot contribute to your workflow environment, some pretty creative Ikeaists have posted some easy how-tos.  This particular Ikea-hack creates a small rack that can slip in any corner or under any desk, and it can accommodate any turntable or drum pad midi controller of choice.  The total for this project: $19.98 !

Screen shot 2013-04-27 at 8.05.23 PMUpside Down Lack Table-700104

One thought on “Ikea hack studio furniture

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