ESG (the GoGo’s of NYC)


You might not know these ladies by face, but you definitely know their timeless hit song “Moody,” which, ’til this day, still stands as one of the biggest crossover records to ever hit the clubs.  You could spin “Moody” for ANY audience: New Wave, Electro, Deep House, Disco, Garage, Freestyle, Loft, Punk… did I leave out any dance format other than hip-hop?

Its dominant baseline and powerful drumline have shaken up many rooms for years in clubland, so I thought I’d pay an ounce of homage to these wonderful around-the-way-girls to emerge out of the South Bronx- way before there was a fat Joe or a Big Pun!

In case you didn’t know E.S.G. stands for Emerald, Sapphire, and Gold, and they were one of the bands that were plucked out of the NYC punk era, and signed to an amazing underground loft style label called 99 Records, which had its own record store back in the day on McDougal Street in Greenwich Village where you could pick up their own singles for about $3.99 each.  That’s where I got my copy of their famous EP along with some other products I still value highly to this day.  The lovely lady on the far left is Renee Scroggins who is the eminant voice behind all the drums and basslines. Cali had the GoGo’s, but NYC had ESG!  A little East Coast/ West Coast flavour rivalry…

And here is a pretty recent live video performance of ESG performing “Moody”



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