Vers 2Q Bluetooth speakers


A follow up to their single driver 1Q, the Vers 2Q ($210) doubles the load, but don’t expect to throw a block party with its power capacity, BUT if you want a smooth sounding piece of bluetooth hardware that will last for ages, you’re tiny little work area can come to life while pounding some DJ Rio mixes…  You will also get a total of 8 hours on a full USB charge.

On the Greenpeace side of things, the company promises to plant 100 trees for each one used in production for fire damaged/natural disaster areas in collaboration with the Arbor Day Foundation and US Forestry Service.  My pick would probably be the Bamboo finish with a nice little plot of astro-turf to liven things up a bit.  Of course a mini Koala Bear would be the icing on the cake!

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