My self fulfillment with “Stars With No Makeup”

Stars-Without-Makeup-June-27-2012-Magazine-Cover-450x609Standing on line at the checkout counter has its share of impulse buys, but when I happened to be lodged behind a brittle old check-paying patron, I can’t help but clutch the nearest reading material to pass the time.  I am in no way a guru of self-consciousness, but I take pleasure in heightening my own self awareness and all the things around me, so along comes the Stars Without Makeup annual issue featuring the many faces of some of the most glamorous stars that are embedded in our daily lives through the tube, the pads and other viewable media playing devices.  After soaking up a few shocking pages (Mila Kunis), I was pretty pepped up by the time it was my turn to pay for my items.  Sadly, the mag never made it to the scanner, but the etched memories of some of Hollywood’s finest starlets, stripped down and bare faced, had a distinct clinging effect on my psyche as I smiled and laughed my ass off towards the parking lot.

Makeup and some Photoshop is no fucking joke!  US weekly has a link in case you missed it.  CLICK HERE

As you flip through the pages, you will find some faces that pass the test of some good ‘ol natural beauty, but you can thank some voracious paparazzi for a few swift kicks below the belt as they capture some pretty memorable shots.  YOU BE THE JUDGE.

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