Doggie Doo will have your kids staring at a dog’s asshole !


I am not making this stuff up !  If my parents stuffed this under my tree, I would be on the first Greyhound bus outta Dodge.  Anyway, Goliath Toys has cornered the market on this one: kids roll the die, and wait for the dog to let some brown wafers fly out of his ass, and I assume there’s a poop stained scorecard that keeps the drama afloat and the action alive.

Doggie Doo ($29) teaches kids the importance of cleaning up after your dog after you roll dice and overfeed the poor creature.  It’s the next best thing to owning a real dog, and now you can invite all your friends over to enlist in this glorious fun!  Fuck the DS, the X Box, or the PS3, we’ve got Doggie Doo ! ! !  Yay !!!

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