NFL Films pay tribute to Tecmo Bowl

Video games today are too damn real ! ! !  I remember a time when calluses and sore thumbs were symptoms of button smashing and joystick wielding madness.  When Nintendo fever hit homes during a time before Madden Football and EA were household names, there was the side view sports football classic phenom known as Tecmo Bowl, which did its best to nab every name and every move in the NFL business.

In all its 16-bit glory, this timeless video game has started a tradition among some 30+ year old gamers that have put together an official Tecmo Bowl World Championship Tournament held in some watering hole in Bumfuck.  So NFL films has put together this mini-doc that chronicles the guts and the glory as these freakish Nintendo die hard button bashing enthusiasts get their little trophy for Tecmo Bowl fame and stardom.  In no time you too will be scavenging on E-Bay bidding on this cartridge classic, but don’t say I didn’t warn you !

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