Star Wars Episode 7 is going to happen !


The torch has been passed by Mr. Lucas as he has just inked a deal with non-other than Disney to sell the entire LucasFilm Ltd. to the tune of a few billion dollars, which includes the full rights to Star Wars, so with that said and done, Disney has officially announced that there will indeed be a continuation of the Star Wars saga by planning production of Episode 7 in 2015.  What may be even more interesting would be to see the original cast in the lineup as their original characters at a much later age.  Who knows?  Tron legacy did it with Flynn!

Thanks to the clever fuck who thought of cable marathons, I have been unable to enjoy ANY of the past three films due to the bland characters and horrible acting.  Episode One kicked off the trilogy from a very very light shade of grey by introducing us to unwanted kiddy pest characters like Jar Jar Binks and others that are not even worth mentioning,  and then the trilogy barely unraveled itself to yield a slightly darker shade of grey by Episode Three as Yoda took over the money shots and the Jedi got screwed over for trusting a bunch of clone troopers, but for many die-hard Star Wars fans, it never made to the black that we wanted in a good sci-fi movie.  In other words, it never got dark enough, and Anakin was in no way, shape, or form the humbled beginnings of a very dark Darth Vader.  We had no choice but to accept his bewildered frame as the Dark Lord of The Sith by putting his sorry ass pussy-whipped voice to sleep as the ramblings of his mechanized endoskeleton took over as the character we all grew to respect as a real evil bastard.

Still… the first two films are as classic as ever, and have aged gracefully.  2 out of 6 ain’t bad…

So, we all want Star Wars to be dark, but would Disney be trusted at the helm to redeem the last three blemishes in a galaxy far, far away?  Disney is in no way synonymous or reputable with cinematic dark or noire, but  apparently George Lucas thinks so, and we will, once more, be destined to wait outside those brightly lit marquis’ with light sabers and blasters in hand waving like maniacs all the way around the block as we will watch and see what happens to the destinies of Luke, Han, and Leia. So get ready for Episodes Seven, Eight, and Nine.

One thing: PLEASE, NO EWOKS ! ! !

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