WTF…Nosebleed seats for the Nets around $300 each!!!

I just got this from the Barclay’s Arena box office.  It looks like going to a game to watch a bunch of guys throw a ball through a hoop (BASKETBALL) costs about as much as a pair of cruise tickets ($262-$338 EACH-section #221).  No courtside splendor either; just about the top corner near the roof.  I mean, OK, it is the NY Knicks vs. the new Brooklyn Nets in a brand new arena, but in case you didn’t know, none of these teams are or were playoff champions or feature any of the cream of the crop of NBA talent.  No Lebron.  No Kobe.  No Rose.  No Durant. I can continue.  It is also early in the year when pretty much nothing is at stake.  If you ask me, this type of price gouging is taking the real NYers out of NY.

I’d rather go to the West 4th Street cage and watch some serious street ball.

Where the hell are people getting all this money to blow on a measly sports game?  Just curious…


One thought on “WTF…Nosebleed seats for the Nets around $300 each!!!

  1. …well, it looks like the “status” of having a celebrity co-owner is going to affect pricing…
    “I’m not a business man, i’m a BUSINESS..MAN.Now lemme handle my business, damn!”

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