“Sawed off shotgun, hand on tha pump…” -NOT. Meet WORX

I can be a real schmuck when it comes to organizing my tools.  I guess I just get caught up in the excitement after the build.  One of the worst instances is having to look for that right sized bit that left loose in the wild, so some arsenal fanatic who just so happens to also be a tool design engineer decided to keep it all together by developing a power screwdriver that pretty much looks and acts like a revolver; minus the noise and projectiles.  The WORX WX254L SD Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver ($50) comes included with 12 bits and 2 rapid reload cartridges that can be changed with the quickness of an action movie firefight.  The bits are housed in a bit barrel, and when you need to change a bit, just cock back the sliding mechanism and you’re good to go.  Pretty damn cool for a fun filled screwing!


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