Another iPhone. Another reason to ditch plastic and spend $$$$. Sad.

The very first iPhone was a game changer.  It looked different, had no keyboard. Introduced the concept of Apps to the world,  and made Steve Jobs an icon of technology.  But things are moving forward pretty slow in terms of design, and I really feel sorry for all those spoiled brats and mindless techy nerds that are making their parents or loved ones splurge their hard earned money and wait like a moron on line for a screen that is a LITTLE BIGGER, a processor that is a LITTLE FASTER, a camera that has a LITTLE MORE RESOLUTION, and a stylish body that is a LITTLE FLATTER.  If your iPhone broke- then fine… but don’t break it as an excuse to become a LITTLE MORE BROKE.  If you want to take pictures, use your money to get a REAL CAMERA.  You already have everything else in that “OLDER” model.  It’s okay if the person next to you grabbed the new model, just admire it and move on with your day.  Spend your money on another game changing device that will add to your life and not just enhance it!  This is not an Apple hating post.  Just for the record, I love Apple.  And I leave you with this parting shot on how others are just trying to make the most of what little they have….


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