Another dimension to owning a piece of music

3D printing has latched its way on to being the next frontier in creating plastic objects by using a catchy little machine called a MakerBot, so an artist has decided to apply the z-axis to the x-and-y axes by taking a portion of a song’s wave file and transforming it into a dynamic 3D sculpture you can place on your mantle of choice.  Pictured top is the actual wave portion of the Portishead song “Third” printed by a MakerBot. The sculpt is referred to as a microsonic landscape, so if you have your favorite audio tune you want to capture, you can finally create your own tangible piece of it in this mad and zany digitized world where all we own are just the bits and the bytes.  Although it’s never the same as owning a piece of the the original vinyl album, it is a delightful form of art for those who truly covet their favorite song of choice.

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