I can’t drive 55, but I can get ya there on air!

Tata motors is currently modifying a 3-wheeled prototype called the Airpod (under $10,000) that runs solely on compressed air.  You most likely be finding yourself dashing to the nearest scuba store for a fill up, but you won’t have any trouble finding a parking spot when passing those “$3.69 per gallon” signs along the way.  I also don’t think you’ll have any trouble addressing any flat tire issues as long as you have enough air in your tank, but unfortunately,  you will not be seeing these piston loaded creatures popping up in your nearest hood soon because it looks like they will be test marketed in India first.  It’s getting pretty obvious that there are many ways to skin a cat when getting from point A to B, and it looks more like roadkill for pathological truckers on sleep aids. Go figure…

I would love to see an official Nike Air version of this sort.

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