Introducing DJ Tips & Tactics

Everyone deserves a little guidance here and there, so I would like to introduce a new series of posts titled DJ Tips & Tactics.

I have been involved with DJing for a few decades now, and I have seen the massive changes in the evolution of hardware and technology, so nothing gives me more glory than passing on a few rules of the game that I have learned and absorbed through the years along with some key lessons on being proper when entering the DJ booth.  These posts will NOT contend with any types of midi fixes, bug, or hardware mods like some of the other sites out there do.  It will pretty much focus on the basic rules of thumb and will aim at developing, what I would call, a DJ’s mental ergonomics on understanding how to approach, appreciate, program, and mix music properly to develop a sense of style to stand out from the rest of the crowd.  Some of the topics will also be left for debate.  I love the drama.

Trust me- there are a lot of whack DJs out there… so stay tuned and you’ll know what I mean …

Look for the DJ Tips & Tactics header at the top of the page.

7 thoughts on “Introducing DJ Tips & Tactics

  1. Just wondering where you stand on the new-ish style of Skrillex type music & DJ’s (Guetta, Deadmau5, Avvici, etc.)? I occasionally listen in on BPM, and while I make fun of most of it, there are occasionally some diamonds in the rough musically…dance music has drastically changed since we were young, but still don’t get house some of this stuff is considered “House”…On “Jersey Shore”, they often referred to the music they liked as “House”, but you and I know that couldn’t be possible…could it??

    • First off, thanks for viewing my site and expressing your thoughts.

      “House” music today is a much broader term. When wareHOUSE music broke out in Chicago in the early nineties, it was soulful house/disco and lot of techno. It was deep, and everyone loved it. What most average listeners don’t understand is that there is soul in techno. The Jersey Shore crowd is clueless and the deep shelter style house heads are in denial. They have gotten dull and boring.
      But then there are the cool ones that just stand back and vibe with the DJ. Of course, they have to have good taste in music, and a cool inner high and understanding of what a good DJ does.
      As far as Skrill, DeadM and Avicii, there is something to like about each of them, but they play set pieces that are for programmed minds that just bob and weave their heads. At the end, it just looks like it’s deep…
      We also live in an MP3 environment where you really can’t see a DJ mix, so you really have to know the music well.
      Personally, I’d rather play to one tenth of their crowd that understands the deep, and appreciates the new and the old.

  2. I enjoy observing your forum, and appreciate what you bring to it. House (kind of a broad term now, huh?) has evolved, and while it’s sad to see it’s halcyon days have probably passed, I am glad to see there are individuals such as yourself and other talented artists who are still interested in developing evolved versions of it. “Controllerists”…lol. Sometimes I laugh at the Nero stuff, but then realize I’m probably becoming an old fart by thinking it’s all just noise. There are some gems out there, and as stated above, I guess we as true music lovers have to keep an open mind. Thanks for your thoughts. -Sar

  3. ….though DeadM kind of rips off Daft Punk (at least visually), who in my opinion are demi-gods…(even though they ripped off almost everyone else, lol)..and why won’t they make a new album??
    The “Tron” soundtrack was cool and everything, but they need to put out some new music already…

    • Definitely of French origin. The French have a sick eclectic palette when it comes down to 70’s funk disco. Interesting selections. I wish radio was like this ….

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