Monopoly The Godfather Edition

In all its timeless honor, The Godfather has cleverly been immortalized through the Monopoly board game franchise, including the famous horse’s head as a die-cast play piece and all.  All the cards and places to acquire are chronicled from the movies, including the Genco Olive Oil Co. and the Las Vegas acquisitions made famous via Moe Green’s shot to the eye on the massage table.

Donned in a black and gold board with ivory colored die, the houses are called hideouts and the hotels are compounds.  The chance cards and community chest cards are called “friends” and “enemies”, and feature famous quotes from the films. The Monopoly: The Godfather Edition ($45) sounds like a clever plan when you need to have a few friends over for some beer and good times; a great alternative to poker or movie night, so leave the gun and take the Cannoli.

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