1992 USA Dream Team

I feel like I really slept on this.  When you watch a sport for many years, you tend to take a few things for granted as time marches on in all its glory.  These days, we are so tuned in to who gets the biggest contract; where will Lebron go next?;  Will so-and-so win it all?; Why is the NBA losing its flavor with talent? ANd, we are so tuned out on all the fame and glory of this amazing sport- that’s right up there with soccer on a global scale.

When you look at this photo and absorb it.  Team USA, the Dream Team,  really shook the shit out of the world during the 1992 Olympic Games.  It was bigger than any Michael Jackson tour and foreshadowed every other Olympic event, and it’s very inviting to see an epic documentary slowly about to surface amidst a very sure-to-be entertaining NBA Finals.   The documentary is called “Dream Team,” and it airs tomorrow night on the NBA channel, but I ‘m sure it will be on a few of the few thousand cable channels in due time.

The story basically speaks for itself.  No tattoos, no bling-bling, no weird body piercings, no big-3 stagings with concert lights.  Just 12 guys in tank tops being treated like world leaders and diplomats representing the best that this sport WILL EVER OFFER.   With the exception of a precocious Christian Laettner (that’s the second guy on the top left), the roster reeks nothing short of legend, and legend in this case is truly defined; just look at the scores:

Can somebody say GOLD MEDAL ?

Game 1 was against Angola, and Michael Jordan watched tapes of them the night before.  Why?… Because, as he stated, he always took “every opponent seriously.”  Yes, even the Angola national team.

I hope everyone that respects the game of basketball watches this event, and appreciates the level of talent that was assembled in 1992.

Yes, as Americans, we are pretty fuckin’ good at a few things!

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