Throwback from ’86: Phyllis Nelson “I Like You”

I seldom do this, but sometimes I look over my overwhelming collection of underground music and come across those rare gems that really made a difference in the whole club scene.  Though it may sound a little dated, it was (IMO) one of the most amazing crossover songs in dance music.

This brilliant song came out during the apex of the freestyle era, the pre-dawn of house music made popular in Chicago’s Warehouse Club, and most of all, it rocked the floor in the last days of the Paradise Garage on King Street.  And everybody could never stop playing it!  If you were in NYC, or better yet, DJing in NYC at that time, it was truly a sight to behold, as many different styles and rhythms were sprawled across many clubs situated about ten blocks away from eachother, and the club vibes were felt through the deep bass bottoms pounding on the walls and seeping out onto the pavements.  This song is a strong testament to how many diverse styles in dance music can be produced under one umbrella: R&B, freestyle, pop dance, disco, and Garage, and mainly, it stands as a precursor to house music.

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